Case II: GATI – Individual Case Assignment Question and Answers

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Questions: (Allocated 10 Marks)

Topic: operations management

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Q1)   What is the main problem that Murarka is facing?

Q2)   How can Murarka find out if the process involved in the premium express scheme is under statistical control?

Q3)   What is meant by random causes and assignable causes of variation? List a few conditions when it becomes imperative to carefully investigate process variations even if the process is under statistical control.

Distribution of non-random results caused by a single identifiable factor with clearly defined characteristics. Such a circumstance is imminently manageable. In statistical process control, this is sometimes known as a special cause or exceptional variation. The variation is due to an unusual event that is n

Q4)   How can Murarka identify the potential causes for the delay in the delivery of the shipments booked under the premium express?

Q5)   Explain in detail an approach Murarka could take to identify the major causes for the delay in shipment.

Q6)   What is meant by process capability? How can Murarka find out if the new process were meeting the target defect proportion?



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