Business Management Work-Based Assignment Solutions

Business Management Work-Based Assignment Brief


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 1500


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Learner Brief

You are required to produce a practical Welcome Note for a potential successor to your role that will introduce them to the organisation and the functional team you work in and that will give them some insights to management styles and practice and to team working. In your Welcome Note you should:

  • State your role and identify the functional team you work in
  • Outline the structure of the organisation and illustrate where your functional team/your role sits within this
  • Briefly describe the size, role, responsibilities and key activities of the functional team you work in
  • Outline the role of other functional teams and explain how/when you might interact with those teams
  • State who your manager is
  • Analyse how, in practice, your manager plans, organises and controls your work and the work of the wider team
  • Analyse different management styles within the organisation (based on your experience and/or discussions with managers)
  • Analyse different motivational strategies used by managers and at a corporate level (based on your experience and/or discussions with managers)
  • Identify what you consider to be the ‘top 6’ skills, attitudes or behaviours needed to be an effective team member and explain why you consider these to be important
  • Analyse two practical examples of good team work or effective collaborative working between team members (based on your experience or observation of others)

Learner Guidance

Your Welcome Note should be between 1200 -1500 words and be written in an informal style using the personal pronoun ‘I’. It should convey a positive image of your organisation and the people that work in it. You should use headings to structure your Welcome Note and include diagrams where appropriate.

Additional guidance for learners within smaller organisations: The management structure and size of teams may be more limited in smaller organisations. Therefore, when discussing management styles and teamwork you may, if required, include examples from previous employment or voluntary work. Additionally, there may not be functional teams in smaller organisations. In this case, you should outline these functions and explain when/how you might interact with those who carry out these functions.

Formatting Requirements:

  • The Work Based Task must be typed.
  • The line spacing should be set to 5 lines.
  • Font (size 12), with 54 cm margins on all sides.
  • Do not include your name in your Work Based Task Document.


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