BCOM02-5 Business Communication Assignment Answers

BCOM02-5 Business Communication Assignment Solutions


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Identify an organisation of your choice where you have gained some work experience (like your current place of employment) or where you are allowed to be an observer for two to three days.


You will be required to:

  1. observe the interpersonal communication at the chosen
  2. collect evidence of interpersonal
  3. write a report on your findings with an improvement plan and relevant


Your report must be a maximum of five pages (excluding the table of contents and list of references) and follow the structure as indicated in the marking guidelines table below.


You are required to gather evidence for your report. Evidence can be in the form of photographs, agendas of meetings held, a video of your interaction with the organisation, or something similar.


You are also required to develop a 10-question survey and ask at least three employees in the organisation to complete the survey. The three completed surveys have to be added as Annexure A. Refer to exercise 1 on page 109 of the prescribed textbook for the questions to use in your survey. All personal information can be omitted to comply with the POPI Act, 2013.


Marking guidelines
Structure Elements to include Mark


Table of contents •              Included with correct structure 2
Glossary of terms •              Provide a mini glossary for the report

•              Include at least five well-researched concepts pertaining to your chosen organisation

•              Concepts have to be well defined

•              Concepts have to link to observations contained in the report

Introduction •              Provide a brief description of the company (1)

•              Provide a motivation for your selection (1)

•              Provide the company’s vision, mission and core values (3)

Observations of the interpersonal communication at the chosen company 1.            Explain the difference between self-esteem and self-image (6)

2.            Describe the effects of self-image and self-esteem on interpersonal communication for the company (6)

3.            Use the Johari Window model to describe how effective or ineffective communication is in the company (15)

4.            Discuss the three (3) benefits of the Johari Window that the company can take into consideration (3)

5.            Identify at least five recommendations (improvement plan) to improve

interpersonal communication at the company (10)

Conclusion •              Summary of your report (2)

•              Own judgement of findings (3)

Referencing •              Number and quality of resources included (minimum of five additional sources) 5
Marking guidelines
Structure Elements to include Mark


•              In-text references included

•              List of references included

Technical care •              Page numbers

•              Headings and sub-headings

•              Numbering

•              Length

•              Language and grammar

Evidence of research


•              Supply evidence of your interaction with the organisation

•              Three completed questionnaires attached as Annexure A

Total 70


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