Assignment Answer on HSV 565 Research Methods in Human Services

HSV 565 Human Service – Assignment Question and Answers

Assignment Details:

  • HSV 565 Human Service
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • of Words: 2250
  • Course Code: HSV 565
  • Course Title: Human Service
  • University: Adler University
  • Country: US


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Learners may choose the best format to represent this reflective content:

  1. Author a five-eight-page paper (in addition include a title page and reference page) in APA formatting, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a reference page, or 
  2. Create an infographic to complement a narrative summary (either a reflective 3-page summary or 10 min video), or 
  3. Create an 8-10-slide PowerPoint with voiceover narration. Include a minimum of six peer-reviewed references in this paper.


The articles must have been published within the past five years.

*Not the same articles used in previous assignments).


This paper is an opportunity to utilize and synthesize the material and lessons from this course. We are incorporating the key concepts and themes, as well as any insights gained from the self-reflection. 

Identify and describe key variables and ingredients that make up a culturally competent criminal justice system. Identify weaknesses, limitations and gaps within the corrections system and provide proposals for change based on what you learned in this class as well as from journal sources.

Examples could also be provided relative to entities that are effectively demonstrating a higher level of cultural competence. Finally, identify and describe the action step you plan to enhance your cultural competence within the criminal justice profession.

Note: When writing a paper, use APA formatting for all assignments submissions.

This includes a cover page, Abstract – where needed, in-text citations, and a Reference page. (Unless the assignment specified other than a paper submission).

Would you please use credible sources, which may include government websites, book chapters, or preferably peer-reviewed articles, to strengthen your topic points?


Infographics in Online Education Infographics: 

Canva Infographic Tool Piktochart Venngage Easelly Use any of the following options to create an MP4 file.

Video on an iPhone 7 Ways to Get Professional Quality Video from Your Smartphone PPT with Audio How to make a narrated PowerPoint video! Points Possible: