THS7252 Revenue Management Assessment Answer

THS7252 Revenue Management Assessment

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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  •  Words: 2000
  • Course Code: THS7252
  • Course Title: revenue management
  • University: Griffith University
  • Country: AU



The following section is based on your academic research and is seen as the introduction framing your assessment. Ensure to include a paragraph outlining the structure of the following discussion at the end of this section.

Discuss the purpose of establishing an effective Revenue Management system and outline how the business exhibits common characteristics facilitating a successful application of RM strategies. Identify current global industry trends, which may pose opportunities and threats to revenue management effectiveness. Explain how the industry has addressed the exposure to the opportunities and threats.

Based on your research, briefly explain RM performance measures commonly used in your case-specific industry roader Group Level Analysis Revenue Generators and Trend Analysis: Using the respective annual report 2020 for your business identify the geographic segments of the operations and the operational revenue-generating segments while addressing the following aspects. Outline the lTHS7252 largest revenue generator/-s by percentage revenue contribution and discuss the trends within the revenues over the last three years within each operating and geographic segment*.

Use your trend analysis in (i) to evaluate the effectiveness of established revenue management strategies and tactics of your business. Discuss any issues arising when using the business-specific trend analysis as sole criteria to assess the revenue management effectiveness. Ensure to explain any issues your trend analysis may pose when using this data as the basis for long-term, future strategic price setting and inventory management the links to the most recent annual reports 2020 on the company’s investors’ relations sites are on page 2.