NURS1131 Advanced Clinical Nursing Assignment Answer

NURS1131 Practice Evidence for nontechnical Skills in Emergencies


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Assignment Details:-          

  • Course Code: NURS1131
  • Course Title: Advanced Clinical Nursing
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 1000
  • University: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Country: AU


Question Task:


This assessment requires the student to review a video of a skill associated with the course and assess the performance of the skill by comparing the performance to the current best practice evidence, analyse the video for quality of performance and identify the areas of performance that are in keeping with the evidence as well as those that are different to the evidence.


You also need to consider best practice evidence for nontechnical skills in emergencies and, using that evidence, critique the video’s performance against that evidence, again noting what the participants should be doing if demonstrating evidenced-based practice.


You must nominate which ARC guideline you are alluding to when critiquing the performance and then support this discussion with detail from other research sources.