NURS 2015- Nursing Students Placement Experience Assignment Answer

The challenges of nursing student in the clinical learning

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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 1500
  • Course Code: NURS 2015
  • Course Title: nursing placement
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU



Describe your previous placement experience. In approximately 100 words describe your placement experience and provide detail on the following:

a) What type of venue were you placed? Describe the venue in brief detail.

b) Provide a summary of the common activities you undertook on placement.

Describe an example of an experience that challenged you. In approximately 250 words provide detail on the following:

a) Provide a reflection on the emotions that you felt as a result of this experience. How did this experience make you feel? What emotions were you experience during and after the experience? Be honest in outlining your feelings, i.e. I was nervous; I was scared, I was too confident. Describe the possible feelings of other people who were involved? I.e., the patient seemed unsure, the nurse seemed frustrated etc.

b) Reflect on your knowledge and confidence at the time of the experience. Evaluate what learning you have gained from this experience and how your knowledge and confidence has changed since the experience occurred.

Identify one Criteria from the NMBA Registered nurse standards for practice that best describes your learning from this experience. In approximately 100 words provide a rationale for your selection of this criteria.

Develop a SMART learning goal that will allow you to develop your learning further in relation to an aspect of the above reflection.