Master of Public Health and Health Promotion Assessment Brief with Answer

Master of Public Health and Health Promotion

Module 4: Health Promotion

Assessment Brief

Words: 3000


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A 10-minute (individual) presentation on a topic related to public health promotion


How can the stages of change model be used to help people quit smoking?


Imagine you have been asked to give a brief presentation at the general medical department of a large hospital. A recent survey of patients admitted for medical conditions has shown that 25% of patients smoke tobacco products. The hospital management wishes to help patients quit smoking and is planning to employ specialist health promotion nurses to spend time with patients individually, in one-to-one consultations.


Give a ten-minute presentation describing how these nurses could use the stages of change model to guide their service to patients. Assume that your audience consists of the doctors, nurses and managers who work in the hospital general medical department and do not assume any specialist knowledge of health promotion theories.

Address the following points in your presentation:

  1. Describe the stages of change model.
  2. Identify effective action targeted at people going through each stage of change.
  3. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of this model.
  4. Recommend further action to complement the one-to-one approach proposed.


Part 2

A written report (3,000 words) on a topic related to public health promotion


How can the idea of health settings be used to guide health promotion?


  • Describe the healthy settings approach to health promotion.
  • Illustrate your answer with examples of three different settings and explain how these can be used to improve mental health.
  • Explain three advantages and three limitations of schools as a setting for interventions to promote mental health.
  • Propose a schools-based programme to improve the mental health of secondary school students aged 16 to 18.
  • Describe how the school setting would interact with other settings.
  • Give evidence to support the effectiveness of a schools-based intervention and describe how you would address the limitations identified above.


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