Marketing Management Assignment Questions 2020 | NMIMS Assignment Solved

Marketing Management Assignment Questions and Answers 2020

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Assessment Details:

Number of Words: 1500

Course: Marketing Management

Assignment Marks: 30


Mr. Amish has written a self-help book “Happy Happy” which can be read by people from all walks of life. The book revolves around a core idea of being happy in all stages of life. The publisher doesn’t have any distribution network of its own.

Mr. Amish delivers session in many management schools on the topic “Happiness”. He is very popular among students and corporate. He also delivers session as a key note speaker in many management conclaves and seminars.

Mr. Amish has no online and social media presence. He doesn’t write blogs or articles. Mr. Amish is a good author but has no idea about marketing and distribution of books. He hires you as a Marketing consultant for overall marketing and distribution of books.

  1. What are the distribution channels that you will use to distribute the product across Indian market? Explain the same with (10 Marks)
  1. Suggest the Geographic, Demographic and behavioural segmentation for the book “Happy Happy” (10 Marks)


  1. a. Explain five online social media platform through which you will promote the book.

(5 Marks)

  1. b. Explain the buyer decision making process for purchasing a self-help book.

(5 Marks)



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