Managing People in Organisations Assignment Sample Questions and Answers

Unit L/617/1153   People in Organisations

Level 4 

A medium sized local company, Century Ltd, has recently become aware of increasing problems with staff. They have noticed an increase in absenteeism, staff turnover as well as poor morale and a drop-in sale.

The middle managers are all relatively inexperienced and the Managing Director has asked an external HR consultant to guide them so that they can review their own practices to help them establish the cause of the problems.

In addition as you have studied business management he has asked you to provide a report on best practice in organisations.

Your report will draw on your understanding of workplace practices and procedures and their impacts on the workforce. You will provide exemplification of current practices in a range of organisations.

Preparation for your report

You will need to research workplace practices in order to gather information on:

  • Communication practices including, communication policies and procedures, organisational charts and relevant legislation
  • Team working practices and leadership styles. This should include remote working practices and how the remote workers are managed
  • Support structures for staff, including HR department, policies and procedures

You may also wish to use organisations that you know well for example where you have been or are currently employed or where you work in a voluntary capacity. Or you may be able to gather some information through a workplace visit.   You may be able to interview people, review documentation and observe working practices to gather information.  Alternatively, you can carry out desk research using company reports, press releases and the company website or other parts of the internet particularly related to HRM.

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You’re Task – Write a report

Prepare a formal report for the Managing Director of Century Ltd.  This will be a substantial piece of work in which your present theories and best practice with exemplification from the organisations you have researched.

You must make sure you include the following sections in your report:

Report Section A – Communication practices

  • An analysis of the benefits to organisations of effective communication (AC 1.1)
  • An analysis of the policies and procedures that are used to enhance communication within organisations (AC 1.2)
  • An explanation of legislation relevant to communication within organisations (AC 1.3)
  • An evaluation of how organisational structure impacts on the communication methods used (AC 1.4)

To achieve a Merit, you must also include in your report:

  • An analysis of the impact new technologies have on organisations’ communications systems and practices (AC 1M1)

Report Section B – Teamwork

Consider theories of teamwork and provide examples of best practice with which you are familiar.  Include:

  • An assessment of the benefits of teamwork to both individuals and to organisations (AC 2.1).
  • An analysis of why teams might fail to meet their objectives (AC 2.2).

To achieve a Merit, you must add to your report:

  • An evaluation of the impact of leadership styles on teamwork (AC 2M1)

To achieve a Distinction, you must add to your report:

  • An analysis of the application and effectiveness of teamwork in a given organisation (AC 2D1)

Report Section C – Remote working

Consider the issues associated with remote working, providing examples of best practice with which you are familiar.  Include:

  • An explanation of the implications of the different ways in which people work ‘remotely’ (AC 3.1)
  • An evaluation of common working practices used by those working remotely in different contexts (AC 3.2)
  • An analysis of leadership styles appropriate for remote working (AC 3.3)

Report Section D – Support and monitoring structures

Consider the support and monitoring structures used within workplaces, providing examples of actual practice.  Include:

  • An explanation of how Human Resource departments can provide support and monitor people within the workplace (AC 4.1)
  • An assessment of the policies and procedures designed to support and monitor people in the workplace (AC 4.2)

To achieve a Distinction, you must add to your report:

  • An evaluation of the impact of legislation on employee relations management in different organisational contexts (AC 4D1) 

Guidelines for assessors

The assignments submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. To achieve a merit or distinction grade, the learners must demonstrate that they have achieved all the criteria set for these grades. Where work for the pass standard is marginal, assessors can take account of any extension work completed by the learners. The suggested evidence listed below is how learners can demonstrate that they have met the required standards.



1.1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4. 1M1

2.1, 2.2, 2M1, 2 D1

3.1, 3.2, 3.3

4.1, 4.2, 4D1


A well-structured formal report in a style appropriate for a Managing Director. The report will address the requirements of all the command verbs given in the AC. It would be helpful to direct the learners to the definitions of the command verbs which ATHE has provided so they are clear what is required to meet the standards.

Learners should choose relevant examples from organisations to demonstrate their understanding and achievement of the command verbs. This is a particular requirement for AC which requires the learner to relate their work to specific organisations. Learners may need support with the choice of organisations used.

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