CPCCBC4026A Arrange Building Applications and Approvals Assessment Task

CPCCBC4026A Arrange Building Applications and Approvals

Words: 3000

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You are working for a builder company and have been assigned a task to prepare all documentations for planning and building permit for a residential project shown in Appendix A from Maribyrnong City Council.

You are to follow the following process in different stages:


Stage 1: Planning

  • Identify the different stages of application
  • Determine level and type of information and documentation needed for the application through council website or necessary consultation with external specialist such as Building Surveyor.
  • Develop all necessary plan for application considering council requirements and client needs.
  • Consult with external specialist (i.e. building surveyors, quantity surveyors and site surveyors, geotechnical and environmental specialists, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers) for certification of documents.


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Stage 2: Preparation and lodgement

  • Prepare all necessary paper works with supporting documents (i.e. specialist’s reports, working drawings, plans and specifications) and check for compliance with the council requirements.
  • Analyse the impact of planning application on range of stakeholders (i.e. clients, employees/staff, existing tenants, finance providers, interest groups, local community, neighbours.) and maximise likelihood of the support for the application by undertaking required strategies.
  • Lodge the application through submitting the all necessary and supporting documents.
  • Check the application status at appropriate intervals to ensure continuing progress.

A week after submission of the applications, now the client wants to include a swimming pool in the backyard of the proposed house. You are to amend the Building Permit application by preparing all the necessary documentation and following ensuring that the correct version of plans is submitted to the Authority.

During the process of you need consider the following issues and documents:


i).  The Zones, Overlays and Particular Provisions as described in Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

ii).  The requirements shown Appendix B (Clause 52 and 54, Maribyrnong Planning Scheme).

iii).  The provision for on-site car parking complies with Clause 52.06 of  Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

iv). The neighborhood and site description, as described in Clause 55.01 of the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

v).  A design response as described in Clause 55.01-2 of the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

vi).  Relevant issues from Building Act. 1993, Building Regulations 2018 and National Construction Codes.

vi).  Planning & Building Permit application fee requirements.


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After reviewing the application the Building Authority rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Not fulfilling the setback requirements as front setback of the neighbour house is not matching with the front setback the proposed house.
  2. Not comply with the Energy Efficiency provisions in the National Construction Code (NCC).
  3. Not fulfilling the requirements, the properties of founding soil (site class & bearing capacity).


In this task you are to review the outcomes and analyse the provision of appeal or resubmission. You are to follow the process shown below:

  • Assess the outcomes of the application determine its impact on the project.
  • Negotiate minor amendments with client, organisation and approval authority requirements.
  • Rejected submissions are analysed to determine likely success of an appeal or a resubmission, and course of action is determined with the client.