BUS222 Business Ethics Case Study Assignment Questions and Solution

BUS222 Business Ethics Case Study Assignment Questions and Solution


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Course Code: BUS222
  • Course Title: ethics in business
  • Words: 1500
  • University: ECPI University
  • Country: US



Understanding of how companies strategically develop and implement workplace diversity and inclusion plans.

Diversity Project

You are to write a four page paper on the diversity/inclusion plans of various companies/organizations. You will research and give a brief synopsis on at least four (4) companies’ diversity/inclusion plans and how their content meets or don’t meet the standard of those set forth in our textbook. This paper should be Arial, double spaced with 1.00” margins. The cover page, contents and reference pages do not count towards the page count. You should have at least 5 sources for this project (first person interviews may be a sixth source). Anything our text discusses is fair game for this paper. Spelling & grammar is important. A rubric for the assignment is located in Blackboard under the assignment.

There will also be points deducted for grammatical errors and typos.

Term project format please follow exactly:

1) An introduction to the companies/organizations chosen and give a brief history.

2) Explain why you chose these particular companies/organizations.

3) Review four (4) company diversity plans and give a brief synopsis of how the plan relates to information set forth in our textbook about developing these plans.

4) Give your thoughts and opinion on the plans (are they a complete, what might you suggest, etc.).

5) What you learned from doing this paper and what you think about diversity overall.