Additional Manpower Hiring – Presentation or Speech Question and Answers

Topic: Additional Manpower Hiring

Subject: Human Resource

I need to prepare a 30 minutes case study to be presented to my stakeholders. It does not need to be a complicated presentation/content but it has to be structured and easy understanding with all the necessary information and data included in it. The key points for the case study are clear stated in the attachment. Will need the person who prepares the case study to elaborate the assumptions on why the answers given are as such for my easy understanding.



a) As the Team Leader based in Kuala Lumpur, you have been asked to bring your knowledge and experience to a high priority recruiting initiative within an Organization.

b) We’re building out our Analytics team and adding 16 critical roles reporting to the Analytics Director.


The Challenge:

Your Recruitment Manager has asked you to kick off this recruitment. Roles: Senior Analyst

Location: Seoul, Korea


Your recommendation should include the following:

  • Analysis of needed resources:

a) What additional information you need to kick off the project

b) Who and what do you need to complete this project?


  • Process

a) How to plan the recruitment process, how to achieve expected results, what would be the expected time to fill

b) How to effectively communicate with key stakeholders

c) Identify risks (from the process and human agenda perspective) – how to mitigate it, how to handle it

d) How as a Team Leader you are going to manage group dynamics, when you should address issues personally and when to choose a group approach?


  • Data

a) What insights you would use within this process and for which stakeholders

b) KPIs and SLAs to indicate the success of teamwork


  • The Deliverable:

Please prepare an analysis/recommendation in PowerPoint format. The presentation will be 30 minutes on the slides.

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