1048 Introduction to Human Physiology Assessment Answer

1048 Introduction to Human Physiology Assessment

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  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 3750
  • Course Code: 1048
  • Course Title: introduction to human physiology
  • University: University of South Australia
  • Country: AU



Poster Submission and Presentation – Submit Monday October 11th and present in class The Poster Presentation will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of physiology in two ways. The first gives you an opportunity to explain the normal physiology of one of the systems we cover in the first 7 weeks of the course; this will include the key structures or components and a description of their physiological function. The second way is that it allows you to apply your understanding to a given case study to explain what would happen to the normal physiology in a disease state or where significant external stimulus has altered homeostasis. Assessment is divided into two aspects.

Part One involves assessment of the poster itself and how well it effectively communicates the key ideas. This will look at the detail of the information presented and poster design. The electronic version of your poster is due Monday October 11th and is submitted online.

Part Two is a short presentation that you will deliver in class. The presentation (approx 3-5 minutes) should include a short introduction to the topic and an explanation of up to three of the diagrams/images that are featured on your poster. Share why you feel the images were important to include on the poster – and outline how they relate to the physiology of your topic.

Note – for this presentation you won’t have to explain all the physiology presented on your poster, so just pick up to three of the diagrams you feel are the most important and explain their significance to the reader. The presentation of your poster will be held within your scheduled Week 10 workshop. Combined, this has an overall weighting of 30%. Referencing; You may only need a few references for this assessment, that is fine. The majority of the understanding will come from the lectures and workshops, as such all of you should have at least the course text book as a reference. It is recommended to use diagrams and visuals to help with your explanations. In doing so, you should reference all figures provided. You must also ensure that you are answering the questions in your own voice with appropriate paraphrasing. Poster submission is via turnitin, so please remember your obligations regarding academic integrity and ensure that you are answering the questions in your own voice. In some instances because of the terminology we use in physiology there may be some higher similarity reports. If you are unsure please ask one of the teaching staff to look at your turnitin report before the deadline. A feedback proforma is provided so that you can see the key outcomes and how the assessment is graded, please look through carefully as you prepare your poster and presentation. In brief, we will be looking for clear explanations and good understanding of physiology.

Assessment will consider good use of physiological terminology and the level of detail provided specific to the chosen topic.

Poster  Resources

1. Have a look at the topic options below and choose one Topic One – Neurophysiology’s Topic Two – The autonomic nervous system Topic Three – The cardiac cycle Topic Four – The baroreceptor reflex Topic Five – The respiratory system Topic Six – Renal physiology

2. Review the assessment and feedback criteria Use this as a bit of a checklist to ensure your poster covers all the main criteria.

3. Need an example poster to see what to do? Click here for an example poster.

4. Looking for a template? A template that includes some tips and suggestions can be downloaded here.

5. Not sure how to print? Check out this 2 minute video on printer settings Poster Submission Point Assignment.