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(1) Select an article.
Select an interesting article on issues pertaining to “skills and productivity of older workers ” in an organisation from refereed journals or conferences. (“Refereed” means that the article has been formally reviewed and recommended by a group of peer researchers.)
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(2) Write the Review
Write the review of the article in accordance to the following format.
1. Introduction:
State the Objectives, Article Domain, Audience, Journal and Conceptual/Empirical
Classification. You may adopt the following sample:
Paragraph 1: State the objectives (goals or purpose) of the article. What is the
article’s domain (topic area)?
Paragraph 2:
• Audience: State the article’s intended audience. At what level is it written, and what
general background should the reader have; what general background materials
should the reader be familiar with to understand the article?
• Appropriate Journal?: Why is the journal appropriate (or inappropriate) for this article?

Paragraph 3:
• State whether the article is “conceptual” or “empirical”, and why you believe it is conceptual or empirical. Empirical articles and conceptual articles have a similar objective: to substantiate an argument proposed by the author. While a conceptual article supports such an argument based on logical and persuasive reasoning, an empirical article offers empirical evidence to support the argument. Empirical articles offer substantial, detailed evidence which the authors analyze using statistical methods. Empirical articles must include hypotheses (or propositions), detailed research results, and (statistical) analyses of this empirical evidence. Empirical research includes experiments, surveys, questionnaires, field studies, etc, and to limited degree, case studies. Conceptual articles may refer to such empirical
evidence, but do not provide the detailed analysis of that evidence. Of course, both types of articles can use real life examples to back up their points. Just because an article provides examples, does not necessarily mean that it is empirical. (4 marks)
2. Brief Summary
• For your article review, you do not have to spend much space summarizing the article. Instead the analysis of the article is more important. Thus, in this section, you are only required to summarize the article only very briefly (1-2 paragraphs). (2 marks)
3. Results/ Findings
• Very briefly summarize the important points (observations, conclusions, findings). Do not repeat lists of items in the articles – just summarize the essence of these if you feel they are necessary to include. (1-2 paragraphs).

(2 marks)

4. Analysis
• What has changed since the article was written? Is the lesson, ideas and theories still applicable? To what extent has the issue has been resolved?
• Optionally, how do find the article’s models, frameworks and guidelines, etc. applicable to your work life or personal life (4-5 paragraphs) (4 marks)
5. General Critique
• In this section you should state your opinions of how well (or poorly) the authors did their research and presented the research results in the article. Your critique can contain both positive and negative comments. (2-3 paragraphs)
(4 marks)
6. Contributions
• An article makes a “contribution” by adding to the knowledge of researchers in a research field. An article can make a contribution to the research field in many ways. Does it provide a new way to look at a problem? Does it bring together or “synthesize” several concepts (or frameworks, models, etc.) together in an insightful way that has not been done before? Does it provide new solutions? Does it provide new results? Does it identify new issues? Does it provide a comprehensive survey or review of a domain? Does it provide new insights? • Also, is it salient (relevant and current) to a particular scientific issue or managerial problem? Are the issues addressed introduced in a way that their relevance to practice is evident? Would answers to the questions raised in the article likely to be
useful to researchers and managers? • Alternatively, if you believe the article makes no contributions, explain why clearly. (2- 3 paragraphs) (4 marks)

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