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In 1982 Graham Jones purchased eight hectares of land for a strawberry farm at a value of $320,000. By 1989 the plantation was well established and manufacturing strawberries of excellent quality and etymologizing affordable profits. As a result, on one Oct 1989 Graham bought another 2 hectares of land for $40,000. prices related to the acquisition enclosed taxation of $800 and legal fees of $1,600.
In 1997 the crop was exceptionally poor, including this, customs restrictions were altered, permitting larger quantities of strawberries to be foreign. These conditions precipitated monetary difficulties and Graham set to sell the land. makes an attempt to sell the land as a full were unsuccessful, though one agent did provide $400,000. Graham thus set to sell the land by subdivision.
After re-zoning and gaining council approval in Gregorian calendar month 1999, Graham spent $160,000 on the subdivision in Oct and November 1999 and at last oversubscribed the land for $700,000 in July 2011 to a neighborhood builder. though the contract of sale was dated one July 2011, settlement wasn’t accomplished till twelve Oct 2011.
The contract providing half the acquisition cash would be due upon settlement and therefore the balance on thirty one March 2012. The outstanding balance would accrue interest at 100% pa. prices of disposal as well as agent’s commission of $12,000 and legal fees of $2,400.
Advise Graham Jones on the tax implications on the on top of dealings for the 2011/12 tax year
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The following essay clearly depicts the tax implications of marketing sub divided land and therefore the special concessions, if any, provided as per Australian Tax Laws for land that’s used for farming. The associated prices for buying the land and therefore the price associated with sale also are taken into thought to grasp the impact on taxation in Australia. It studies the nuances of capital gains taxation norms prevailing in Australia and therefore the exemption classes. The case conjointly offers heap of knotty details concerning the method the tax money handler will claim exemption on age recent property and amidst the capital gains there conjointly arose the opposite financial gain class within the variety of interest that is also responsible.

Tax Implications:

The financial gain tax as per the taxation laws of Australia refers to the gains that ar created out of the sale of any quite capital assets. The capital gains tax ar charged and enclosed within the taxation statement and aren’t a separate variety of tax. The capital gains ar calculated by reducing the thus referred to as price base from the particular sale return. If the sale return ar quite the price base then it’s a capital gains and it attracts liability norms. (Eddie, 2008)

In this context subdivision of land is additionally a significant half that must be analysed. intrinsically subdivision of land doesn’t quantity to any quite taxation however once such divided land is oversubscribed then it will attract taxation which will be either capital or revenue in nature. once subdivision of land the new blocks that ar shaped afterward is treated because the standard land and their date of purchase and different price base doesn’t amendment. the price of the initial land will then be meted out to the new blocks shaped once subdivision. Also, the rule depicts that if there’s a pre CGT land that has been divided it’ll not lose its pre CGT standing even once subdivision. (Subdivide and conquer,2011).

Many people involve in subdivision of land for the sake of business sale and that they embrace assets agents. once the subdivision of land is finished and sale is formed thenceforth its necessary to grasp if the sale return may be treated as revenue or capital. just in case of assets agents, the subdivision is finished primarily for business sake and this becomes his revenue and is treated intrinsically within the rateable financial gain class.

In the given case of Graham, he had been victimization the land for farming strawberries and once the sale depleted an excessive amount of and he had to suffer loss, he then set to dump the land. He at first tried to sell the land before subdivision however didn’t get any prospective and profitable patrons. As a results of this he set to sub divide the land for facilitating the sale of the massive space of land that tried to be useful for him as he got a purchaser WHO was ready to pay higher value. These points ar relevant to make a decision if the sale are going to be thought-about as revenue or capital. the subsequent paragraphs can provides a careful insight concerning the tax implications on Graham and his sale of land

Revenue or Capital on subdivision:

Graham had divided the land for marketing it to create profit. just in case of subdivision, it’s essential to grasp if the loss or profit must be treated as revenue or capital. the straightforward take a look at is that if the land has been purchased and control for a extended years so oversubscribed with the motive of constructing a profit then it quantity to capital plus sale. There ar many factors that require to be thought-about so as to work out if the sale of Associate in Nursing plus amounts to revenge or capital financial gain beneath subdivision:

The intention for subdivision –if to facilitate the realisation of property then it’s a capital financial gain ( Chung, 2011)
is that the subdivision done as a routine a part of the business – if not industrial then it’s a capital nature
recurrent subdivision and sale of assets will quantity to revenue
If the sub division method is taken care by the vendor and is actively concerned in them then it should be a routine business so revenue nature

The on top of mentioned points once applied to the case of Graham it clearly suggests that the sale of land once subdivision is only of capital nature. So, the Capital gains tax implications ought to be analysed thoroughly to grasp the character of transactions and therefore the exemptions, if any which will scale back the rateable price.

When subdividing the land, the price related to the land must be meted out per the particular share of sale of land. If for instance, out of the full area there’s residential house shrunk and if this is often oversubscribed then the residential home is absolutely exempt from taxation. So, the sale return just for the adjacent land that draws CGT should be thought-about and therefore the price base should be calculated consequently. ( Chung, 2011)

The cost of the new blocks that has been purchased should be meted out once the subdivision and therefore the internet sale return should even be isolated consequently.

The new block of land purchased by Graham in 1989 isn’t exempted from CGT as it’s not a pre CGT dealings. Also, there has been no house made on the land. If there had been house then Graham is eligible for claiming exemption for the sale of house as residence and conjointly the adjacent finish up to a neighborhood of two hectares. within the given case the remainder of the 2 hectares bought by graham within the year 1989 is absolutely subjected to financial gain taxation laws of Australia.


Land that’s used for farming once oversubscribed also will attract capital gains tax beneath the tax laws of Australia. but there ar few exemptions provided beneath the CGT of Australia. the subsequent transactions don’t attract CGT beneath Australian tax laws:

Sale of Assets that has been purchased before twenty Gregorian calendar month 1985
Sale of House that has been used as residence by the tax money handler
Collectables up to the tone of $500that ar things like jewelry, stamps and heap a lot of
Winnings from gambling
Shares control in pool of development fund
Payments from government schemes

The case of Graham, the primary land was purchased within the year 1982 so it clearly is exempted as given within the on top of mentioned points. (Eddie,2008)

Graham had purchased eight hectares of land within the year 1982 for strawberry farm at the price of $320000. This a part of land is additionally enclosed beneath the sale contract and it’s necessary to spot this portion and exempt them from the CGT calculations. The taxation laws have clearly delineate that such land is termed as pre CGT so no liabilities on them.

Cost Base:

The cost base refers to the full expenses and price spent for buying the land. This must be calculated to seek out out the capital gains for a dealings of sale of assets. However, there ar 2 different ways that ar applied for assets purchased before twenty first Gregorian calendar month 1999. within the given case of Graham all the assets has been purchased before 1999 so this will be applicable.(Eddie,2008 )

Graham will apply the discount methodology whereby the sale return ar reduced from the price base. And just in case the purchased plus in 1999 has been control for quite a year, that is true during this case, then a discounting issue of fifty for people may be applied on the capital gains before applying the financial gain tax.

Another methodology which will be used is that the regulating methodology. The indexed price base is calculated for the land and therefore the distinction between the indexed price base and therefore the actual sale return is understood because the capital gains or loss. Here there’s no any discounting allowed because the regulating is in itself a variety of discounting. So, its forever higher to use the discounting methodology if the sale return of for atiny low space of land.

The tax laws of Australia offers the tax money handler complete freedom to adopt either of the ways whichever yields the smallest amount tax. (Common Wealth of Australia, 2011)

The total space that has been oversubscribed is ten Hectares. Out of those eight hectares has been purchased before 1982 so absolutely exempt from CGT. thus solely the remaining two hectares is subject to taxation. once subdivision, Graham must apportion the sale return in share just for the rateable space.

So, its two hundredth of sale return that’s two hundredth on $700000 that’s thought-about for conniving the Capital gains. Sale return on two hectares of land = $140000. two hundredth is applied as a result of out of the full ten hectares of land solely two hectares ar subject to taxation.

The subdivision expenses embrace $160000 and price of disposal: agents commission $12000 and legal fees $2400 thus total of $174400 (total expenses) Out of this two hundredth is applicable to the rateable space of land so its $34880.

Calculation of price base may be done as follows:

Land purchased on one Oct, 1989 $40000

Stamp Duty $800

Legal Fees $1600

Subdivision expenses n price of disposal $34880

Total $77280

Capital Gains:

The capital gains visit the surplus of sale price over the price base and ar subject to taxation. that the capital gains may be calculated as:

Sale price (20% on $700000) $140000

Less: price Base $77280

Capital Gains $62720

However, since Graham has control the new block of land for quite a year he will discount five hundredth of the capital gains. that the actual rateable capital gains would be five hundredth of 62720 = $31360

Other income:

Besides the Capital Gains, there’s conjointly another supply of financial gain that pops out of this case of Graham. It’s necessary to require a glance at the sale contract and its agreement terms and conditions.

Graham had entered into the sale agreement on the conditions that the settlement of cash would be created on October 12, 2011, the date on that the sale deed became effective. The remaining instalment was to be paid by March thirty one, 2012. The balance outstanding attracts interest @10% p.a. The interest quantity that’s received on such a dealings should be shown beneath different financial gain of Graham. It’s fully rateable and should not be shown beneath the capital gains head however shown as standard financial gain and is rateable within the same yr because the entire quantity is received within the same year.(Loan Market,2012)

So as per the case, the full return is $700000, half this quantity should are paid on October 12, 2011. tho’ the sale date was July 2011, the sale was effective solely on Oct, twelve 2011 so the quantity outstanding until then doesn’t accrue interest as it’s clearly given within the sale deed. that the initial instalment of $350000 is received on Oct, 12, 2011.

The second instalment of $350000 that is due on March thirty one, 2012 accrues interest @10% p.a. for a amount of five months and nineteen days(from Oct,12,2011 until march,31,2012)14600+1847=16447

Total variety of days that accrues interest = 171(19+30+31+31+29+31)

Total variety of days =365

So Interest @10%p.a. on $350000=35000 for a year

So rateable interest = 35000/365 * 171 = $16400


Since Graham had purchased a neighborhood of the land before the year 1982 he was ready to evade capital gains tax thereon land sale. However, capital gains on the opposite space attract tax beneath the Capital gains rules of Australia. within the in the meantime, graham should not forget to create a note of the interest that he’s accruing over the outstanding balance of sale return and this should be enclosed in his rateable financial gain beneath the opposite financial gain while not fail.

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