MOM304 Operations Management Assignment Answers for BBA/GDBM Students

MOM304 Operations Management Assignment

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Assignment Details:




Deadline: As Per Required


PART A: TOTAL: 40 marks


Michael Douglas is the plant manager for a supplier of axles and other components for SUVs produced by one of domestic automobile manufacturers.  His company had been using traditional batch production methods, but as the industry has become more competitive, and customers have been demanding just-in-time deliveries, Michael realized that he must make the transition to a JIT operating environment to improve speed and response, as well as reduce cost to help sustain their current competitive advantage. Douglas is well aware of Toyota’s reputation for lean enterprise, and decided to make a benchmarking trip to the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (TMM) plant in Long Beach, California to learn about their JIT processes. During his trip back from Toyota, Douglas began thinking of what he needed to do to plan for implementing JIT in his factory. The case provides a framework to discuss the many concepts and methods upon which JIT is built. Douglas’s task of moving from a batch process to a JIT system is immense and requires a long-term commitment from all managers above and below him in the organization’s hierarchy.

a) What lessons did Douglas learn from his benchmarking trip to Toyota?   (10 marks)

b) What significant challenges or barriers might he face in his plant if he implemented JIT?  (10 marks)

c) What should he tell his managers and workers tomorrow?  (10 marks)

d) Develop a plan to implement JIT with an emphasis on what to do early in the JIT initiative.  (10 marks)


(Total: 40 marks)

PART B: TOTAL: 60 marks


Define and draw the bundle of goods and services for the State University customer episode at the beginning of this chapter.   List the processes that create each good or service.  How many processes on the list provide outstanding goods or services at your school?

(Total :10 marks)



a) Explain the six categories of foreign factories and how they impact operations management. Under what circumstances would you develop a lead factory in a foreign country? Explain.       (5 marks)

b) What is a multinational enterprise? What challenges does it present to operations managers?  (5 marks)

(Total: 10 marks)



a) Explain the concept of mass customization and the role of customer participation in the process.  (5 marks)

b) What is the role of ergonomics in job design?  (5 marks)

(Total: 10 marks)



Forecasts and actual sales of portable DVD at  Sonia Music are as follows:

Month Forecast Actual Sales
March 150 170
April 220 229
May 205 192
June 256 271
July 250 238
August 260 255
September 270 290
October 280 279
November 296 301


a) Plot the data and provide insights about the time series.  (5 marks)

b) What is the forecast for December, using a three-period moving average?  (2 marks)

c) What is the forecast for December, using a four-period moving average?  (3 marks)

(Total: 10 marks)


What is the EOQ model?  What assumptions are necessary to apply it?  How do these assumptions change the nature of the cycle inventory pattern graphically?


(Total: 10 marks)


Sulzer is operating a chain in designing a management-training program for individuals at its corporate headquarters. The company would like to design the program so that the trainees can complete it as quickly as possible. There are important precedence relationships that must be maintained between assignments or activities in the program. For example, a trainee cannot serve as an assistant store manager until after she or he has had experience in the credit department and at least one sales department. The data below shows the activity assignments that must be completed by each trainee:

Activity Immediate Predecessor
D A, B
E C, D
F C. D

(Total: 10 marks)



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