MGMT6668 Leading Organization Change Management Strategy and Concepts

MGMT6668 Leading Organization Strategy And Change Management Assessment Task


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : Harvard
  • Words: 3000
  • Course Code: Mgmt6668
  • Course Title: Leading Organization Strategy and Change
  • University: Adler University
  • Country: US


Your paper should be a self-assessment of your competencies against the concepts we have covered in this course. Make sure to effectively use the concepts discussed in class that are also available to you on Canvas. While this paper is self-reflective, I expect you to support your personal reflection using terms and concepts that show you understand the course content.

In other words. Demonstrate you learned concepts taught in the course by reflecting on them in your self-analysis. Please begin by reviewing and making notes on the modules and content covered in this class. We have discussed:

1) Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

2) How to lead and manage change. (Recall the lessons of the four change management articles that we covered prior to the simulation.)

3) Patrick Lencioni’s Dysfunctions of a Team and What Makes a Great Teammate. 2

4) Additional ideas from Peter Anderton and Simon Senik.

5) Case study on Leading Change and Team Dysfunction.

6) How to create a vision, and how to establish a “hierarchy of strategic intent” that establishes strategic direction and execution for your organization.

7) The leadership strategies of various leaders. Reflect on how well you can execute the various strategies and/or where they will be helpful to your personal leadership style:

    • Coach Herman Boone(Remember the Titans)
    • Shackleton(Antarctic Exploration)
    • Lincoln(National Leadership in Crisis)

You’ve also read numerous articles and papers on Strategy and Leading Change in this course