BUSL250 Business and Corporation Law -Media Reflection Assignment Answers

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BUSL250 Business and Corporation Law

Business and Corporation Law (Media Reflection Assignment)



To succeed in this assessment, the article must be current (as defined above) and your    analysis concise, showing the relationship between the article and an aspect of the unit. This assessment involves elements of critical thinking: issues raised in the article are to be articulated, analysed and thereafter interpreted in the light of the unit content. Particulars of   the Assignment: What is expected – Peruse business pages of newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, or the Australian Financial Review or news sites such as ABC   News https://www.abc.net.au/news/business/ during the currency of the unit and choose an article that relates to one (or more) of the aspects (topics, areas, issues) dealt with in the material covered from Lectures Slides (ATTACHED).  The article can be found either in  the hardcopy press or online) – it must be an Australian based publication because you are commenting on Australian law.



  • Appropriate selection of article Text and choice of article demonstrates awareness of written task requirements, and the content is relevant and informed by those requirements [interpreting focus of question – written communication. Excellent article choice that pertains to, highlights and analyses relevant unit content. Excellent attempt to answer the question and response suggests a strong, clear and informed recognition of the scope focus and application of the assessment.
  • Analysing article and interpreting relevant factual legal issues [written communication]. Analysis presented in an exceedingly clear manner with very high level interpretation of relevant facts of article and legal issues raised.
  • Legal Analysis, Interpretation and Evaluation Evidence of the technical (legal) language relevant to the Unit [critical thinking/ written communication]. Strong and clear evidence of thorough, high level and insightful interpretation of article content and subsequent informed, high level critical and innovative evaluation of legal issues in context of relevant areas of Excellent application of quality source material such as: text, cases, legislation or scholarly journal commentary.
  • Clear, ordered, precise and appropriately referenced [technical aspects of written communication]. Follows assessment style guidelines. Accurate, effective and insightful use of legal terminology and referencing. Writing style is exemplary and compelling, and is of a publishable academic standard.


***Following are examples of factors that will indicate higher order performance in relation to your Media Assignment:

Choosing an appropriate article

The article must focus on an issue or issues that have a direct relationship to the unit content from Lectures; it must be published by a reputable source such as an established newspaper (not a legal blog); it should be of appropriate length (very short or very long articles   should be avoided).

Ability to identify/relate relevant law to the issue(s) raised in the article

Following a short summary of the article chosen (including title, source and date) the assignment must show evidence of the articulation of the relevant issues and law, an analysis of those issues having regard to the relevant law, and an interpretation of the relationship between the issues evident in the article and the relevant law.


The assignment must be typed (font must be easily readable and of adequate size – for example, Times New Roman 12), single spaced and include a cover sheet including your relevant details:

It is expected that you will refer to a source (or sources) in your assignment – make sure you reference/acknowledge that source (you can note the source in brackets in the body of your work; or use footnotes) – provided you have acknowledged your sources as you use them there is no need for a bibliography. If you copy directly from a source use inverted commas “…”.

Your tutor must be able to easily understand what the article is about from your summary and must be able to easily see how you have used the relevant law to explain the issues that arise from the article.



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