BS 401 Basic Business Statistics Assessment Writing Solution

BS 401 Basic Business Statistics




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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Words: 2500
  • Course Code: BS 401
  • Course Title: basic business statistics
  • University: University of Baltimore
  • Country: AE




Part A: – a statement of the research question which outlines the initial hypothesis statement do not copy the whole part from research plan, you have to add some new information…there has to be some theoretical background/introduction related to your topic imagine somebody who is having no knowledge of statistics is reading your project – project objectives – try to support this with some info about similar former researches – sampling methodology – has to be clearly described, state its strengths and weaknesses, include your complete questionnaire. If you used data collected by someone else, state clearly sources. Specify your population (or populations if you study two) and studied variable (or variables if you study relationship between two variables).


PART B: – present your data graphically using a clearly named histogram, include also frequency table, use appropriate number of classes and appropriate class width (both calculations must be presented) – if you study relationship between two variables, give a scatterplot, both axes must be labeled – using Excel software calculate all typical statistical measures

They must contain also units of measurement (e.g. kg, min., etc.) – since your project involves either 2 populations or 2 variables, all calculations must be performed twice…results of all calculations must contain units! – then perform EITHER a hypothesis testing (one-sided with 5%SL, first 5 steps) OR correlation coefficient calculation (appropriate formula will be explained in W9, all partial sums must be included, complete substitution and calculation must be shown, result rounded to 4 decimal places, write clearly what is the value of entire numerator and denominator so I can check it easily.