BLAW2007 International Business Law Assignment Question and Answer

BLAW2007 International Business Law Assignment Task Help to Students in Australia


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : Open
  • Course Code: BLAW2007
  • Course Title: International Business Law
  • Words: 1500
  • University: Curtin University
  • Country: AU


The task: Penny has employed you as an accountant, but also because you have a working background in business law, which is an area in which she needs advice. She has asked you to prepare advice to her on the matters below. Please write separate letters of advice to each of Penny’s concerns. Take note of the marks awarded for each individual letter of advice, and the approximate word count required for each. In your advice, which is to be in your own words, please discuss relevant sections and outline key cases, where applicable.

Practice task 1: Penny has ordered 50 metres of black 1.5mm thick neoprene and eighty metres of dark green 2mm thick neoprene from Robaldo, a supplier in Tasmania. Robaldo filed for bankruptcy the day after he cut and packaged the material, but before his courier was able to collect the packages for delivery to Dolphin Skin. Penny has already paid for the goods and is now worried that the trustee in bankruptcy will seize the packages of material.

Instructions: Write a letter of advice approximately Write your answer here:

Practice task 2: Over the past ten years, Dolphin Skin have been supplying the Wellington (New Zealand) Yacht Club with long-sleeved wetsuits manufactured from 1.5mm neoprene. Due to a shortage in th1.5mm thick material, Penny has decided to substitute the material with 2 mm neoprene. The 2mm material is less stretchy and somewhat restricts the movement of the wearer when wet. Penny wonders what her obligations are under the terms of the Vienna Sales Convention.

Instructions: Write a letter of advice approximately Write your answer here:


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