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COSC2276 and 2277 Assignment 1 specifications Assignment Deadline: 23.08.2015 (Sunday), 11:59PM Based on: Week 1-3 material

Submit via: WEBLEARN (available as a link next to subject Blackboard) To be attempted individually 1 Aim: The aim of this assignment is to develop a C# console application using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Your task is to design a MoSS (Movie Search System). Please note that it is a console application, so no GUI (graphical user interface) elements should be used. 2 Problem Description: ABC Cineplex corp. has approached you to create a movie search and booking system for their Cineplex theatres. They want it to be a console-based system.

All the data will be stored in JSON format. The following details are made available to you- a. ABC corp. has cinema theatres in five different locations namely- St Kilda, Fitzroy, Melbourne CBD, Sunshine and Lilydale. All the cinema theatres are called as „Movie Plaza theatre‟. b. Each theatre runs five shows every day. Exact dates are not required to be a part of the system.

You can use days. c. Each Cineplex has only one theatre (so movies do not run concurrently in any one theatre). d. Each Cineplex can only accommodate 20 viewers per session. e. System will not cater to allocating seat numbers at this stage, however it must indicate when an allocation is exhausted for a session. f. System will display the list of Cineplex(s) and then the corresponding movie sessions for each of the venues. g. System should be able to book and delete for a movie session (or multiple movie sessions). h. A search feature to search via a movie OR Cineplex must be implemented. i. Credit card payment processing is not required- only a simple “Yes/No” confirmation is required when creating/editing/deleting bookings. Money processing is handled onsite when people come to watch the movie and is not considered part of this system.

j. Upon exiting the system makes a beep alert.
3 Tasks:
Complete the following tasks:
(1.1) Implement the driver class (the class with the Main() method). The driver
class should display a simple menu system. The menu should be numbered,
with the user selecting an option by entering the number that corresponds to
the function. The menu may look like the following:
Welcome to MoSS
1. Display Cineplex list
2. Search by Cineplex OR movie
3. Edit/delete a current booking
4. Quit

Enter an option:
Where the clerk would enter a number from 1 to 4, to select an option.
If the number is outside of that range, a small error message should be displayed
and the menu should repeat. When a valid option is entered, the program should
return to the main menu when that command is complete.
When option 1 is chosen the following is supposed to happen-
When a Cineplex is chosen, movie sessions for that day are displayed in a
neat manner and booking option to book a movie session is also

Clerk should have the option of choosing multiple booking sessions- there
is no restriction on the number of tickets that can be bought by a viewer.
Upon complete booking, total payable amount is displayed and the system
reverts back to the original 4 menu options.

When option 2 is chosen the following is supposed to happen-
Search via movie name or Cineplex name:
When the name is entered, a similar booking interface (as the one
displayed in menu 1) is displayed.

Clerk can then book a movie or multiple movie sessions.
Option 3 allows the clerk to edit and delete a current booking- please think of the
sub-menu implementation on your own.

Option 4: Entering the quit option should exit the program while making a beep
alert sound.
(1.2) Use exception handling to make your implementation robust. Make your own decision about where you will use it. Additional implementation for Post Graduate (PG) students ONLY: (1.3) Post graduate students must implement a Pattern of their choice in the coding of the system. 4 Coding Standards: • Read the C# coding standard from the following website:

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/ff926074.aspx Remember that there are too many to be followed, even if you can stick to 6- 10 of the standards, it will be a job well done. For example in .NET C# classes, methods and properties should start with an upper case letter.

• Do not force yourself to implement every OO feature that you have learnt, use the features wisely and if needed.
5 Marking Guide: Undergraduate students- Classes designed to implement the system- 10 marks Driver class- 5 marks Validation and Business Logic*- 5 marks Code Elegance (includes coding standards)- 3 marks Exception Handling (robustness)**- 2 marks

Total: 25 marks Post graduate students- Classes designed to implement the system- 10 marks Driver class- 5 marks Validation and Business Logic*- 5 marks Use of Pattern 3 marks Code Elegance (includes coding standards) and Exception Handling (robustness)**- 2 marks

Total: 25 marks *Validation and Business Logic: check for every user input, check for proper format and its type. Ensure that business rules are not violated. **Exception handling: the requirement is that your program should not crash under normal usage (e.g., handling any type of user input). This can be done via exception handling or by defensive programming (i.e., avoid exceptions occurring in the first place). Submission Process: Zip the whole VISUAL STUDIO project for the assignment + README.txt file and submit a .zip archive via WEBLEARN Late submission and Extension Issues: A penalty of 10% per day of the total marks for each assignment will apply for each day a submission is late, including both weekdays and the weekend. After 2 days, you will receive zero marks for that assignment.

Email your lecturer (shekhar.kalra@rmit.edu.au) regarding extension related issues. Assignment-related doubts, consultation and workshops: Please post your queries in the Discussion Board. Matthew Bolger is available for consultation every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in 14.09.13 We will also hold extra feedback workshops during week(s) 3 and 4- keep an eye out.
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