Assignment ‘Negotiation is not a process reserved only for the skilled diplomat, top salesperson, or ardent advocate for an organized lobby; it is something that everyone does, almost daily’ (Lewicki et al 2011: 2). Critically evaluate this statement, does it mean that negotiation skills are basically the same wherever they are practised? Purpose of the Assessment To draft a critical essay critically evaluating a given area (s) of negotiation theory. As well as developing critical thinking skills and analysis of theory, the assessment will help develop the necessary underpinning knowledge and skills required to be successful in. Assessment Task To provide an answer to a single set question in essay format (2500 words). Assessment Guidance Ensure that the essay is – Closely structured to the requirements of the question: The published essay title should be set out at the head of the essay and referred to throughout the text. Concluded in such a way as to provide an answer to the published question: An authoritative conclusion should synthesize the arguments developed through the essay and establish a view in response to the question. Written in simple and direct language: Complex sentence structures and the use of jargon should be avoided as much as possible. Founded on a suitable range of reading and effectively referenced: Core arguments should be supported by appropriate reference (using the Harvard system) to reading indicated in the Module Guide and found in literature searches.

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