ACCT 621 Balanced Scorecard in Accounting Assignment answer

ACCT 621 Balanced Scorecard in Accounting Assignment

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  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Words : 1250
  • Course Code: Acct 621
  • Course Title: Balanced Scorecard
  • University: Acadia university
  • Country: CA



To give more contexts, I was asked to prepare an analysis report, keeping in mind that it is important to communicate our thoughts during the process as the path to arrive at the recommendation is just as important as the recommendation itself. Remember to include background data, issues, alternatives, decision criteria, analysis, and a recommendation. Be clear and concise; avoid repetitive or vague recommendations “gather more information” or “fire the key management”. Our project will be marked based on technical competencies. PART 3: Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Measures of Performance and Recommendations (So What) Based on both financial analysis and the strategic analysis, using a balanced scorecard to recommend feasible performance measures including key success factors (KFSs) to the top management.

The measures are to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the strategy implementation. Four Perspectives of the balanced scorecard are financial perspective, customer perspective, internal business-process perspective (innovation process, operation process and post sales process), and Learning-and-growth perspective.