The Advantages Of MOOCS In The Field Of Writing Assignment

A Case Study to conduct the role of MOOCS in improving EFL learners’ skills in paragraph writing in Saudi Arabia


The study aims at the role of MOOCS in writing skills ( Paragraph)

Few Studies …………

Previous studies conducted by ………………

This study is expected to open room for further research study …………..

Significance of the Research

Adds value to research on English language learning, particularly in establishing the

impact of MOOCS work in academic writing …………..

Research Questions

Does MOOCS help EFL learners in improving Paragraph writing? If yes? To what extent?

Does MOOCS Raise the Motivation in learning paragraph writing?

What area in Paragraph writing are effected by MOOCS?

What Does MOOCS add to the research in English Language (Writing)?

What are the Advantages of MOOCS in the field of writing (Paragraph)?


  • As few studies have investigated this issue, this study investigates the effectiveness of

MOOCS in Applied Linguistics ( Writing)

  • Saudi students encounter difficulties in Paragraph writing through high education learning


  • Learners highlight the importance of writing (Paragraph) in all university curricula

Literature Review



  • Participants: 80 L2 students Saudi University, College of Languages and

Translation, Saudi Arabia

  • Males (age:18-23) in Second year majoring in English

The students will be divided into two groups ( control group and the experimental group)

One group will be taught traditionally while the other one will be taught using the MOOCS

The researcher will record the results between the two groups and measure the improvement.

The group using MOOCS will be given some activities such as enrolling in future learn courses in writing and see how they interact.

 Data Collection:


  • 12 Week Plan to collect Data


  • There will be 80 learners. The research group will be taught Paragraph writing using

Traditional method while the other group will be using MOOCS.


  • Qualitative and Quantitative questionnaires open and closed questions (The participants)


  • Closed and open-ended questions for the participants


Pre and Post tests for all the participants to measure the improvement of the students

Data Analysis:

  • Questionnaires

Quantitative data from questionnaires using SPSS software

  • Interviews analysed qualitatively


  • The study is expected to show significant results of the role of MOOCS in Writing
  • It will open room for further study in the field of Applied Linguistics in Writing

Please add and amend what you see is better.

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