Supply Chain and Operations Management Essay Assignment

Supply Chain and Operations Management Assignment Help

Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 4500

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There is no scenario for this assignment.

You will need to prepare an essay and a report to show your understanding of supply chain and operations management.

Task 1 of 2 – Essay


Choose one organisation and write an essay in which you should use specific examples that:

  • Outline the nature of the organisation with a background to its operations.
  • Critically explain why an effective supply chain is important to all business functions within the organisation and the key factors to develop an integrated supply chain strategy.
  • Evaluate why and how the organisation maintains supplier relationship, before recommending a supplier relation system to your selected organisation.
  • Critically analyse the factors to consider in developing a strategy to improve an organisation’s supply chain.
  • Assess the use of information technology to create strategies to develop effective supplier relationships.
  • Provide two or more options to improve the supply chain of your organisation and assess their suitability, feasibility, acceptability and benefits before making your justified recommendation.

Task 2 of 2 – Report


Write a report with reference to your chosen organisation in Task 1 and support your answer with examples.

Your report should:

  • Justify the importance and use of logistics in the supply chain and explain their importance.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current procurement (both strategies and procedure) within the organisation.
  • Critically evaluate the factors that could be used to improve logistic and procurement for your organisation.
  • Critically evaluate the applicability of a JIT (Just-in-time) system as well as the applicability of a LIFO or FIFO inventory control for your organisation.
  • Propose an effective and economic order quantity system based on your design

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