Is Patient Care Compromised By The Rapidly Changing Computerised Health Information Systems?

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Topic to be written for the research proposal: “IS PATIENT CARE COMPROMISED BY THE RAPIDLY CHANGING COMPUTERISED HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS?” I have already submitted the literature review on the same topic. I have attached the documents of the work i have done till date.Also i have attached the sample of the style required. Please do it correctly and in time. Task Description: Researching health and social issues is extremely important to our work. Effective research means we can bring about change for our clients at a much wider level than our daily practice often allows. The findings, results, and conclusions can lead to practical recommendations for practitioners, policy-makers, and the community. It can result in genuine changes at an individual, community, organisational and policy level. It therefore provides practitioners with great opportunities to make a wide-ranging difference. However, to conduct research, we need to have a good grasp of research methods and start by writing a proposal. The skills you develop through this process will be directly transferable to practice. To develop your skills in research, this assessment requires you to write a research proposal on your topic of choice, covering the following points: Project title Background (incorporating a concise literature review) Aims of the study Significance and innovation of the proposed study Expected outcomes / implications for practice Research plan: Methodology (including sampling, data collection, and data analysis) Ethical considerations Study limitations Administration of the research (including resource requirements / budget, timetable) Note: Although replication studies are a valuable approach to research, a research proposal for an original study is needed for this assignment in order to demonstrate your knowledge of research methods. Also, while it is acceptable and even expected that your question/topic will develop over the course of the semester you cannot completely change topics between assignments without prior approval of your lecturer. You will not be required to implement this research proposal. However, you are encouraged to choose a topic that is relevant to your current or future work practice. Masters/Honours students may use this proposal to prepare for their thesis. Criteria & Marking: Criteria for assessment: Literature review is integrated into the research proposal well with clear links made between the research topic and practice (8 marks) Methodology is appropriate to the research aims and demonstrates an understanding of all relevant aspects including sampling, data collection and data analysis methods (16 marks) Ethical issues are clearly identified and ways of satisfactorily addressing the ethical concerns are described (12 marks) Research process is realistically considered within organisational and social context (8 marks) Academic standards of writing and referencing (6 marks)


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