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Here I have attached four power point slides, each power point is different chapters .Please go through it and write a reflection report of about 500 words

each from each chapter. EG:

Topic 1- International HRM (500 words)

Topic 2- Culture Frameworks (500 words)

Topic 3- Culture shock (500 words)

Topic 4- Communicating Effectively (500 words)

IT must be written informally and in first person.

The journal should have descriptive, reflective and analytical elements. In deciding what to write in the Journal consider the following as they relate to the practice of HRM in an international context and comparatively

What did I learn today?

What did I find interesting?

What was puzzling, difficult or unexpected?

What were my learnings from my experience (positive and negative)?

What else do I need to know?

How can I turn a situation around using what I now know?

How can I apply my theoretical knowledge to a particular situation involving international HRM?

Have my assumptions and perspectives changed as a result of this experience? If so, how?

How can I apply what I have learnt to my life and future career?

The journal should document your learning and reflections about HRM operations (at the strategic, functional, and operational levels) in the international and comparative contexts.The purpose of the Journal is to assist you:

  • to document your development and progress in this unit,
  • process your learnings and insights by focusing on particular points of interest,
  • use a process to improve self awareness, and
  • gather information and learnings that you can critically reflect on.



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