Demonstrate Application And Understanding Of Assignment

ASSESSMENT ONE PART B: Task and marking key
APA Written Skills Exercise

This exercise is to demonstrate your application and understanding of academic referencing skills.

You are required to paraphrase (write in your own words) and summarise (condense the information) in the following two paragraphs. Within this paraphrasing you must also provide one short direct quote. At the end you must provide the correct end-of-text reference citation. This must be submitted via Turnitin and you must attach an ECU Assignment Cover Sheet.

The information is taken from Drug use and drug-related harm: A delicate balance (page 52). Authors: David Ryder, Noni Walker and Alison Salmon, 2nd edition. Published in 2006, by IP Communications in Melbourne, Australia.

There are aspects of age that may increase the likelihood of a person using drugs. For young people, many of the challenges of adolescence can have an impact on the use of alcohol and other drugs. Adolescence is essentially a time of transition. Jessor (1991) describes drug use as a normal transitional behaviour in adolescence. Adolescence is also a time when young people start to re-examine and challenge the values and attitudes of others, such as parents and authority figures. Yet there may still be difficulty in logical reasoning (Kail & Cavanaugh, 1996), which can result in a rejection of old beliefs regarding non-use of drugs, but an inability to fully consider the implications and potential problems of use. Young people may also believe that they are invincible, and fail to appreciate the dangers associated with drug use.

As adolescents attempt to make the transition from dependence upon parents to independence, they begin to search
for an adult identity, Erikson (1968), which can increase interest in perceived markers of adult behaviour including smoking, drinking, and other drug use. This was demonstrated by Banwell and Young (1993), who interviewed young women in Melbourne and described their attitudes to smoking, concluding that for many of the young women smoking could be seen as a rite of passage to adulthood.

Reduced dependence upon parents is replaced by increased dependence on peers and concern over acceptance by the peer group. This increases the susceptibility of the young person to negative peer influence in order to win that acceptance. A consequence of that negative peer influence may be use of alcohol or other drugs. All of these factors may increase the likelihood of a young person using (and particularly experimenting with) drugs.

Due Date
This APA skills exercise must be submitted via Turnitin by 11.59pm on Sunday August 23 2015 (end of week 4).
Proportion of Final Mark 10%
Please do not over complicate this task. You do not need to complete any research; all the information needed to complete the assessment task is provided here. You only need to refer to and use the ECU reference guide to assist you.

Marking key
Paraphrasing : 3 Marks
Remember to cite the referencing guide to assist with how to reference an author referred to by another author. If you are going to cite any of the other authors listed in the information that Ryder, Walker and Salmon have presented for example (Jessor or Kail and Cavanaugh).

Summarising : 3 Marks
Important: Please do not provide two separate paragraphs (one you have summarised and one you have paraphrased). The idea is that you summarise and paraphrase at the same time. This means you may present only one paragraph or two, but the information in them has both been paraphrased and summarised. ( Please contact me if this does not make sense)

Short direct quote : 2 Marks
Please note as referencing is an exact art (that is it is either right or wrong) this quote needs to be 100% correct otherwise no marks will be awarded. No half marks awarded
End text reference citation : 2 Marks
As above must be 100% correct to score marks. No half marks awarded.

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