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Introduction 500 words

  • Background of the company 300 words
  • 250 Introduce the themes will be spoke about

You will have to cover all the sections you intend to analyse in the body of business project. You must introduce the company and its operation in various countries, for example TESCO is a multinational company that operates in India, China, Europe and UK and has its presence in other parts of the world.

You should provide brief background of the company and the number of countries the company operates and has significant market share against its close competitors.

  1. Comparative Analysis of Carlsberg’s competitive position in various markets (1800 words)

Introduction of the theme and explain which markets u have choose and why, also speak ab the competitors in that market

  • Chose at least 2 markets where the company operates

1.1 Competitive Analysis & positioning

Why the company is doing well or not comparing with its competitors

Financial performance compare between Carlsberg and competitor ( facts and figures)

Speak bout key ratios between  companies

SWOT No need of a table

Speak about the company strengths (Ex price, promotion, skilled labour etc),

Opportunities be specific on which country

  • Porter’s five forces to be well explained, but not generic, TO BE SPECIFIC for Carlsberg,

Well explained the threat of new entries and rivalry,

Ansoff Matrix ( what is the strategy they use and the benefits of using it)

One paragraph overall competition in various markets.

Graphs, tables & interpreted where needed

You are required to discuss the company competitive strategy, marketing strategy, its distribution channel, its capabilities and core competencies. The comparative analysis should include a comparison with its major rivals in different countries. For example Toyota produces cheaper and luxury cars and compete against companies like BMW, Mercedes and Peugeot in Europe. Similarly in the USA it has to compete against main rivals like Ford and Chevrolet and in India it has to compete against Maruti.

You can apply various models such as Porter’s five forces model, SWOT, BCG matrix, Ansoff’s matrix and value chain analysis etc.

Theories that could be used:

Porters (Competitive strategy)

Porter Generic Strategies like Cost leadership and differentiation etc.

Barney (Firms’ resources that cannot easily be copied by rivals)

Hamel and Prahalad (Core competence)

George Stalk (Competing on capabilities)

Baden-fuller (Innovation)

  1. What does the company need to consider when trading across borders (1800 words)

Use PESTEL & explain it well, be specific on Carlsberg s

Explain the reason of the company going to sell its products abroad.

Speak about the problem the company is facing when trading across borders.  Taxes on imported products, limits of the amount imported, exchange rates etc.

World Trade Fare rules which affect company

You are required to consider PESTLE because you need to discuss the economic, political, legal, Social and technological situation in different countries. In addition to PESTLE you should explain the importance of understanding the culture of each country. In addition to the above, for trading across borders you should discuss how the distribution channel of your company is organised as compare to its major competitors. Also discuss the marketing strategies of your organisation in different countries against main rivals. You should also discuss to what extent the company meets the need, tastes and preferences of the people across borders.

  1. Critically evaluate and analyse academic theories:

You are required to critically evaluate and analyse academic theories related to your two chosen theme and discuss what your company needs to consider enhancing their business. Discuss recommendations, Future position etc


Follow Harvard referencing system.


No appendix allowed
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