BSBLED401A: Develop Teams and Individuals

HDTI: Develop Teams and Individuals
Student Guide
BSBLED401A: Develop Teams and Individuals
Elements of competence Determine development needs Develop individuals and teams Monitor and evaluate workplace learning
BSB40212 Certificate IV in Business
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HDTI Develop Teams and Individuals Student Guide
In this module, students learn how to identify staff development needs, how to provide learning situations to meet those needs, and how to evaluate the performance of the learning processes and outcomes. The module covers the skills and knowledge required to determine individual and team development needs and facilitate the development of a workgroup.
Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to apply a broad knowledge of learning and development in addressing development needs to meet team objectives as well as the responsibility to delegate tasks to others.
The program is of forty (40) hours duration, comprising eight (8) hours per week for one teaching block of five (5) weeks
To be assessed as competent for this unit of competency you must be able to do the following:
(1) Demonstrate understanding of all learning outcomes
(2) Successfully complete and submit all tasks as requested
Assessment methods and tasks Methods of assessment Through consultation with industry, the following assessment methods have been deemed appropriate for this unit:
 Conducting research through internet or library to provide responses to questions on mentoring and coaching.
 Complete a report on the professional development activities advising how the program is meeting organisational objectives
Case study
 Analysis of responses to case studies and scenarios
 Oral or written questioning to assess knowledge of career paths and competency standards relevant to the industry.
BSB40212 Certificate IV in Business
HDTI Develop Teams and Individuals Student

Assessment Task 1
Determine Development Needs

Assessment Task 2
Create a Development Plan

Assessment Task 3
Monitor and Evaluate Training

BSB40212 Certificate IV in Business
HDTI Develop Teams and Individuals Student Guide
Assessment Task 1:
Determine development needs
Submission details Student Name Student ID Assessor’s Name Campus Assessment Date/s Time/s
The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See Procedure for instructions on how to complete the assessment, and specifications below for any further details.
Performance objective
For this task you will need to research the legislative requirements that can impact on decisions you may make regarding professional development programs for individuals at your workplace. Additionally, you will need to create tools to gather feedback from stakeholders, aimed at making collaborative decisions to identify training needs for individuals and within the team.
Assessment description
Research legislation that relates to the planning and awarding of development needs to individuals, in accordance with organisational requirements.
Collect information and data to determine the needs to be addressed by a professional development program. Ensure that learning plans meet training and development needs, and that they are collaboratively developed, agreed upon and implemented.
BSB40212 Certificate IV in Business
HDTI Develop Teams and Individuals Student Guide
Complete the following steps.
1. Legislation
Use the web resources listed in Section 1 of your Student workbook under ‘Legislation’ and enter the site of the Commonwealth Government body that administers the national anti-discrimination legislation. Then complete the following questions.
a. What is the name of this body?
b. List the titles of the different legislation, including the year that governs anti-discrimination for the Commonwealth or Federal Government.
c. From July 1 2009, most Australian workplaces are governed by a new system created by the Fair Work Act 2009. Who will administer this act and what will they do in relation to enforcing Commonwealth workplace law?
d. Look up the website of the body governing anti-discrimination legislation in your state and list the name of the administering body and title of the legislation (as required in a. and b. above).
e. In your own words, describe what unlawful discrimination is and how it can occur in regards to training.
f. Consider the following scenario.
Helen had been working as a registrar in a school for many years and applied to undertake internal training in new information services being developed by the department. Her application was denied because management thought she was too old to learn about new information technology, like the internet.
Has Helen’s employer acted ethically? Justify your response.
g. What do the federal and state authorities advise Helen to do in order to resolve the situation?
BSB40212 Certificate IV in Business
HDTI Develop Teams and Individuals Student Guide
2. Evaluate performance and learning needs
Read the case study.
Your task is to help Mary self-evaluate her current skills and performance while taking into consideration the growing demand of organisational requirements. The position she was originally hired for is still important. Both you and Mary believe that, with some professional development, she can handle the expanded role because as she explained, that is what she’s been doing since the business first started.
Next, you will collect feedback on her performance from other relevant sources, and sit down with Mary to identify which areas to focus on for her skills development.
a. Construct a self-evaluation form
To guide Mary’s self-assessment against her professional development needs, you are going to construct a self-assessment form. This form will present Mary with a summary of her day-to-day duties, including the new responsibilities she will be undertaking. This is the prelude to a face-to-face interview for Mary, and will assist both of you to establish her learning needs with those of the team.
Develop a self-evaluation form for the areas of performance required by Mary. Collect information from sources used ‘systematically’ in the workplace and the scenario. You should ensure that the layout of this survey reflects a scale of performance against required areas.

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