Overview The aim of this assessment task is to get students to appreciate the key lessons from the unit and their application in other situations. This assessment aims to assess learning outcomes 2, 4 and 6. Details This is an individual report. You should consider a natural disaster response project. You are required to think back over the course, including the course material discussed and reviewed in class, cases, exercises, simulations, and other activities, and use the lessons learned in class to consider managing a natural disaster response project (such as earthquakes, forest fires, volcano eruptions, and floods).
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In your report, you should

1. Discuss how different disaster response projects are from ordinary projects taking place at corporate environments for strategy implementation purposes.

2. Discuss how you would apply standard project management knowledge acquired in this course to prepare and respond for such disaster events? What are the challenges? You should NOT produce a project plan for responding to a disaster event. Instead, you should reflect on the lessons you have learnt in this course and analyse the applicability of standard project management knowledge in terms of methods/tools/techniques for managing a disaster response project. From your analysis, you need to discuss what methods/tools/techniques are useful and what are challenging for implementation. Your recommendations for best practices in managing disaster response project should be provided in the report. All your arguments should be well substantiated. References that were cited within the report are to be listed at the end of the report using the Harvard referencing style.

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