A written Submission & Assignment Task

Assessment Task 4:

A written submission (or equivalent) that presents a critical account of an issue of social justice or the common good. Length: 2000 words or equivalent Weighting: 50% Due date: STREAM 1: Monday October 19 by 12 noon in LEO STREAM 2:

Monday November 9 by 12 noon in LEO Description: The aim of this task is to define the common good in relation to this topic. The common good is what is best for all, as opposed to the particular goods that each stakeholder may pursue.

Your response should analyse the various perspectives and critique these using relevant principles of human flourishing, in order to show how the common good might be achieved.

Choose one of the two Hot Topics and three of the perspectives represented by the major stakeholders in the issue. Structure your essay according to the following framework (word count is given as a guide only):

 Briefly describe the issue and explain how this is an issue which affects the common good. (200 words) (criterion1)


 Describe and explain the perspectives of three stakeholders. Include a discussion of the main arguments they put forward and the resolution/s they would opt for. (700 words) (criterion 2)

 Choose three principles of human flourishing that are relevant to this issue. Use these principles to analyse each perspective you described above and discuss the ways in which the perspectives of these stakeholders support or hinder the common good. (800 words). (criterion 3)

 How might the common good be achieved in relation to this issue? Suggest a specific course of action and explain how this would best serve the common good.

Include a proposal for what each stakeholder could do and what society as a whole could do to promote the achievement of the common good in relation to this issue. (300 words) (criterion 4) (CONCLUSION)

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